Currency Matching – Peer to Peer (P2P) Foreign Exchange

Currency matching is a new and innovative method for sending money overseas. Essentially, you are trading through a currency marketplace. The currency matching service allows people to exchange currencies with other people. This method of peer to peer foreign exchange totally eliminates the need to engage with extortionate bank exchange rate margins or any type of middleman. Given that there are no banks involved when currency matching, you will also not be subject to commission or inflated charges. Based on our research, in all instances, you will be getting a rate of exchange that is extremely close to the interbank rate. Whether you need to sell sterling, euros, dollars or shekels, you will be matched with people who need to buy the currency, creating almost like an 'online marketplace' for currency exchange. Within the marketplace, you are able to view the exchange rates that participants are willing to accept.

Who can use the Peer to Peer Foreign Exchange service?

Anyone with a need to send funds overseas can use the currency matching service below. Perhaps you are an expat needing to send a large amount of money overseas. Maybe you have found a dream second home and needing to make an overseas property payment. Alternatively, perhaps your business requires you to pay overseas suppliers.

To ensure safety and security of funds, all currency matching providers listed are vetted to ensure they operate segregated client accounts. This safeguards your funds and are totally separate from the day to day running of the businesses listed below.

Try out peer to peer foreign exchange today, see how much you could save!

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