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  • Trusted leader in foreign Exchange
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Favourable Exchange Rates

After opening your FREE account, your assigned currency dealer will give you a current commercial exchange rate. Because foreign exchange transfers are Western Union Personal Transfers’ main focus, they will often beat the “tourist rate” and quote a more favourable rate than high street banks.

Fast Payments

Western Union Personal Transfers operate a fast and simple systems to speed up and simplify the account opening and trading process. Once Western Union Personal Transfers have received your application, they can arrange your foreign exchange payments by phone or fax instantly. With Western Union Personal Transfers you can take advantage of a same day international payment service.

Personalised Service

Whether you’re making small regular payments or a large property purchase, you will have access to a dedicated currency dealer. Your trader can monitor the markets on your behalf and help reduce transactions costs by timing your transactions efficiently.

'I have always been impressed by the service offered by Western Union Personal Transfers. I enjoy being contacted regularly on the telephone, and receiving new product information from my Client Manager.' Susan

Security of Funds

Western Union Personal Transfers is an industry leading specialist in international payments. Our dedicated team helps companies of all sizes operate across borders and currencies with confidence and success.