Convert Saudi Riyals (SAR) to Angolan Kwanzas (AOA)

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Historical Exchange Rates Saudi Riyal to Angolan Kwanza

Live Exchange Rates Cheatsheet for
﷼1.00 SAR
221.58 AOA
﷼5.00 SAR
1,107.88 AOA
﷼10.00 SAR
2,215.75 AOA
﷼50.00 SAR
11,078.75 AOA
﷼100.00 SAR
22,157.50 AOA
﷼250.00 SAR
55,393.75 AOA
﷼500.00 SAR
110,787.50 AOA
﷼1,000.00 SAR
221,575.00 AOA

Saudi Riyal & Angolan Kwanza Currency Information

Saudi Riyal
FACT 1: The currency of Saudi Arabia is the Saudi Arabian Riyal. It’s code is SAR & it's symbol is ﷼. According to our data, INR to SAR is the most popular Saudi Riyal exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most popular banknotes used in Saudi Arabia are:﷼1, ﷼5, ﷼10, ﷼20, ﷼50, ﷼100, ﷼500. It's used solely in Saudi Arabia.
FACT 3: The currency was introduced in 1932 at the same time as the country was established. In 2007, the 5th series of notes was issued bearing the face of King Abdullah with the exception of the 500 Riyal which features King Abdulaziz Al Saud.
Angolan Kwanza
FACT 1: The currency of Angola is the Angolan Kwanza. It's code is AOA. According to our data, USD to AOA is the most popular Kwanza exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most frequently used banknotes in Angola are: Kz10, Kz50, Kz100, Kz200, Kz500, Kz1000, Kz2000.
FACT 3: The second currency introduced in 1999, called Kwanza, was subdivided in to 100 centimos and saw the re-introduction of coins after the previous currency which only used banknotes.

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